Shelter Masthead

Baja California

© 1997 Lloyd Kahn
Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

In our spare time (hah!) we worked on a bilingual magazine / photo-journal on the people, land, and life of Los Cabos, the southernmost tip of Baja California. About 2–3 years behind schedule, it was finally published in ’99.

I first went to the area in 1988 and fell in love with the desert, beaches, and Mexican people. I made a deal with the owner of a small hotel in San José del Cabo to rent a palapa (palm-frond–roofed open air shelter) in which I have built kitchen and bathroom and storage space. I keep an ’83 Toyota x 4 truck down there and get down every couple of months. I go surfing, hike in white-sand arroyos with waterfalls, and hang out with my friends Isidro Amora, who has an amazing knowledge and appreciation of not only the area, but of Mexican culture and art, as well as Rafael (Fino) Green, fifth-generation local guy, descendant of an English whaler, and owner of the Killer Hook Surf Shop.

Isidro and I are partners in the production of El Correcaminos, named after the local roadrunner, a formidable bird of the desert that can travel at speeds of 20 mph on the ground; Geococcyx Californianus, a bird of great personality and character.

Listed to the left are a few articles from our forthcoming publication, as well as a review of some great little bohemian hotels.

–Lloyd Kahn