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Mexican Slang: A !*#@&%+ Guide


by Linton H. Robinson
1992. 156 pp., paperback. $6.95
Bueno Books/One EAR Publications, 29481 Manzanita Dr., Campo, CA 91906

A wicked little slang dictionary which is hip as well as somewhat scholarly. Unique, funny, and although a number of the words or phrases are not accurate, most of it is informative and helpful.

A Desert Country Near the Sea:
A Natural History of the Cape Region of Baja California


By Ann Zwinger
1983. 400 pp., hardcover. $24.95
Harper & Row, New York

A wonderful book on Los Cabos by a woman who obviously loves the place. It’s well written, it has elegant drawings by the author and excellent photos by her husband, Herman H. Zwinger. In fact it’s by far the best book in English on Los Cabos, with coverage of the plants and animals, fish and birds, ocean and desert, mountains and arroyos. A lot of the area’s history is woven in and out of the book and in the appendix is a great chronology of Baja (including the capture in 1587 of the Spanish galleon Santa Ana by Thomas Cavendish at Cabo San Lucas), and painstaking lists of the plants, birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians of the Cape Region.

Into A Desert Place:
A 3000 Mile Walk Around the Coast of Baja California


By Graham Mackintosh
1988. 312 pp., hardcover. $24.95
Graham Mackintosh, P. O. Box 1196, Idylwild, CA 92549

“I had never done anything advernturous in my life. I knew nothing about the desert. I couldn’t speak Spanish. I had no money. With my red hair and fair skin I was probably the last person in the world to go traipsing around a sun-baked wilderness . . .” Yet Graham Mackintosh did just that. Through fearsome terrain, coast and desert, with a still for converting sea water to fresh, eating rattlesnakes and pitahaya, this adventurous London-born adventurer writes of his epic adventures that covered 3000 miles, took a total of 500 days and used 7 pairs of boots.

The Baja Adventure Book


By Walt Peterson
1992. 278 pp., paperback. $19.95
Wilderness Press, Berkeley, Calif.

This is by far the best book on exploring Baja. It’s not the walk-down-the-designated-path variety, but rather a tough, insightful guide to climbing mountains, exploring caves, mountain biking, kayaking, diving, surfing. What’s surprising here is the level of some of these forays. Peterson talks about some pretty difficult rock climbing, some seriously deep (100+) ocean dives, and a bunch of adventures for the seasoned and in-shape explorer. But there is advice for less-than-world-class adventurers as well, with maps showing arroyos, beaches and islands. Peterson has a very thorough knowledge oif the peninsula and his love of adventure and the landscape make the book a treasure.

Baja California: A Travel Survival Kit

By Scott Wayne
1994. 227 pp., paperback. $13.95
Lonely Planet/Embarcadero West, 112 Linden St., Oakland, CA 94607

Lonely Planet is an Australian publisher that puts out a series of tuned-in travel guides and their book on Baja California is excellent. It’s written from the perspective of the traveller who wants to do more than cruise the usual turista routes, for someone who wants to know things about the culture, past and present, about unique things to do and interesting places to go. It cites luxury hotels as well as inexpensive rooms to rent. The author has obviously covered the route of which he speaks, and the advice is the best you can find.

Mail Order Books & Maps on Baja California

Map Centre, Inc. sells about 40 books on Baja (including some of those reviewed here), as well as topo maps, road maps, satellite photos, and nautical charts. A unique service.

Map Centre, Inc., 2611 University Ave., San Diego, CA 92104-2894
Phone 619-291-3830