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Builders of the Pacific Coast


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SunRay Kelley

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Jan Janzen

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Builders of the Pacific Coast
Response from Readers

“The dwellings you've shown us over the years have fed my soul and imagination.”

Chuck Prior
builder, Berkeley, CA

“…it’s beautiful!…the creative building goes on!”

Gary Snyder
poet, Nevada City, CA

“…thank you very much for your marvellous Builders of the Pacific Coast! Why can we Germans not build like that!”

Claudia Ladener
ökobuch Verlag (publishers of building books)
Staufen, Germany

“Lloyd, congratulations. You've birthed another inspiring book.”

Jane & Ed Rosenthal
horticultural activists,

“…absolutely beautiful!”

Sue Ostfield
Publishers Group West

“…it is a beauty!!”

Tolling Jennings
Lesquiti Island, BC

“Next book I will be your driver & Man Friday.”

Don Manoukian
Reno, NV

“Lloyd: I love the new book! I spend a lot of time turning its pages. I particularly admire the "ship-shapeness" of some of the designs…and the going with the flow of the natural curves of the wood in doorways, etc.”

Charlotte Mayerson
former Senior Editor, Random House

“I can't put it down. Oh-my-God. The best ever.”

Bill Castle
builder, Pollywog Holler Eco-Resort, Belmont, NY

“…an exhilarating look at the north coast. Inspiring! An exciting immersion…”

Jim Macey
Keeler, CA

“…truly captures the spirit of west coast builders.”

Peter Buckland
Cougar Annie's Garden, Clayoquot Sound, BC

“What a wonderful compilation of magnificent buildings. As a craftsman builder, I cried to see the freedom of expression shown.…”

John Knotts
builder, Tauranga, New Zealand

“Boy, Lloyd's slideshow was TOTALLY fabulous. Oh. My. God. Such glorious houses. The book is terrific!”

Meg Simmonds
Larner Seeds, Bolinas, CA

“Wow! another killer book…”

Cedar McCullough
builder, Petrolia, CA