The Gardeners & Poultry Keepers' Guide
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The Gardeners’ and Poultry Keepers’ Guide
& Illustrated Catalogue of Goods Manufactured & Supplied by W. Cooper Ltd.

* Greenhouses
* Conservatories
* Cold frames
* Aviaries
* Chicken coops
* Pigeon cotes
* Rabbit hutches
* Dog kennels
* Stables
* Sheds
* Barns
* Coach houses
* Cottages
* Bungalows
* Workshops
* Corrugated steel buildings
* Rustic garden furniture
* Pavillions
* Pergolas
* Arbors
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320 pages 5" x 7.5" Hardcover
$26.95 2010 ISBN 978-0-936070-47-6
“LOVE IT! What a great book! and to think that it was published over 100 years ago and still great information today! I want to pick a coop design and get more chickens! This is a keeper!!” –Sue T.
A unique turn-of-the-century catalog from a London manufacturer of prefabricated greenhouses, sheds, shacks, small buildings, stables, kiosks, and rustic furniture. Over 500 drawings, instructive for present-day gardeners, homeowners, and builders.
There are dozens of greenhouse shapes, cold frames (for starting seedlings), a variety of chicken coop designs (including portable chicken coops), aviaries, pigeon houses, and rabbit hutches.

There are designs for small farm buildings and portable wooden buildings, and a large section of designs for wood-frame buildings with roofing and/or siding of corrugated metal. This is especially timely, since corrugated metal has been rediscovered and is being used in a variety of ways these days.

This rare 100-year-old book is not only beautifully reproduced, but is useful and practical in this early 21st century.

Here are some sample pages from the book:

page 14 page 242 page 254
page 56 page 40 page 255