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Sample Exercises—
Strengthening the Internal Organs

Ancient Way to Keep Fit

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Compiled by Zhong Wu & Li Mao
Translated by Kumar Frantzis

256 pages 7-1/2" x10-1/4" Trade paperback
$18.95 1992 ISBN 0-936070-14-5

“The present is born out of the past.”

Chi Gung is an ancient Chinese system which emphasizes improving the flow of the life force, chi, by opening the body’s energy centers and channels. It is called the “internal martial arts,” and is the original basis for Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and the more well-known martial arts. The practice represented here is over 3000 years old and yet it is practiced in modern times.

There are 30 sets of physical exercises with a total of 318 drawings. These drawings are watercolors based on silk scrolls and cave paintings and enhance the classic nature of the presentation. This is a serious system that practitioners consider to be more basic to health and fitness than cardiovascular exercise. Exercises involve simple movement with many repetitions to achieve results. The modern use of these ancient exercises is based on selection of sets of each, consistent with the level of fitness and integrated with whatever sports or other exercise is involved.

…a unique set of translations, many of them rare texts unfamiliar in the west.”
Yoga Journal
This import from China is sure to have a major impact on fitness in the 21st century because it does what modern exercises cannot.”
Fitness Magazine

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