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Take a Break and Stretch

Here is page 34 from Getting Back in Shape, a unique workout book for anyone who wants to get fit, written by international stretching authority Bob Anderson, bodybuilding legend Bill Pearl, exercise physiologist Ed Burke, and Olympic runner Jeff Galloway.

Click on the image below to get a good screen-size printout, which requires Acrobat Reader (free download available from Adobe).

Desk Stretches Graphic

These desk stretches became so popular that in 1997 we published a special book devoted to office workers, Stretching in the Office. Here are 3 more pages of downloadable stretching exercises from that book:

More Stretching Downloads:

Stretching Software

The Program that Reminds You to S T R E T C H !

Try a free 30-day demo of StretchWare, software for your computer that will remind you to stretch periodically – 14 different stretching routines.

Stretching Posters

101 Stretches Poster
A large and beautiful four-color poster, laminated, with 2 brass grommets for hanging. Here are 101 stretches from Stretching, by Bob Anderson.

Put this on the wall as a reminder to take stretching breaks throughout the day. You'll feel better!

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101 Stretches poster
Stretch & Strengthen Poster
101 Stretches poster

Large laminated poster shows stretches and strengthening exercises for each muscle group.

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