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Getting Back in Shape

Getting back in shape is the topic and the title of our latest fitness book, by Stretching author Bob Anderson , Getting Stronger author Bill Pearl, exercise physiologist Ed Burke, and Oympic runner Jeff Galoway, author of Galloway's Book on Running.

Getting Back in Shape is a book for the average person who wants to increase their fitness. It contains 32 structured, balanced workout programs that:

  • are not too extreme
  • are mainly graphic
  • let you choose your own level of commitment
  • will fit within your busy schedule

Each of the programs consists of these three components of fitness:

  • Stretching
  • Weight training
  • Moving exercises

The authors feel that most fitness books are too ambitious for the average person; the philosophy here is that “doing anything is better than doing nothing.” You can start with 5 minutes of stretching a day, or taking a 3-minute walk and work your way up to whatever level of fitness feels comfortable and will realistically fit within your lifestyle. With the same type of simple drawings as in Stretching and Getting Stronger, this unique book is encouraging and easy to follow and will get you back on the track to better health and fitness.

Like our other fitness books, the programs here are graphic. Our philosophy is that pictures work a lot better than words, at least in how-to instructions. The programs can be photocopied and used when you work out.

Here are four sample programs from the book. Download and print any of these out. Then try them out to get a feel for what’s in the book:

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