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Getting Back in Shape
32 Workout Programs for Lifelong Fitness

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By Bob Anderson, Bill Pearl, Ed Burke, and Jeff Galloway
Illustrated by Jean Anderson

240 pages 8-1/2" x 11" Trade paperback
$16.95 2006
ISBN: 978-0-936070-41-4

Getting Back in Shape is a unique workout book for anyone who wants to get fit, written by international stretching authority Bob Anderson, bodybuilding legend Bill Pearl, exercise physiologist Ed Burke, and now with Olympic runner and author Jeff Galloway.

The authors believe that most recent fitness books are too ambitious for the average person. In the same mode as Stretching and Getting Stronger, this is a simple, visual approach to lifelong fitness.

Among the four of them, they have spent a total of over 100 years working in four different fields of physical activity:

  • Bob in stretching
  • Bill in weight training
  • Ed in aerobic exercise
  • Jeff in running

They’ve worked with many thousands of people.

They watched the fads come and go.

They’ve learned what works — and what does not.

They’ve seen that the exercise programs and “fitness prescriptions” of the last two decades have not worked for most people. For one thing, the standards have been too high for the average person. (Less than 10% of Americans now exercise enough to get cardiorespiratory health benefits.)

They’ve also seen a growing appreciation over the past few years for the value of “moderate” exercise. Something one can stick with for a lifetime.

They believe that what’s needed in this day and age are structured, balanced workout programs which:

  • are not too extreme
  • are mainly graphic
  • let you choose your level of commitment
  • will fit within your busy schedule

They’ve combined their experience to produce Getting Back in Shape.

Using this book will start one on a gradual, steady path that will lead to a lifetime of:

  • better cardiovascular health
  • greater strength
  • improved flexibility

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An all-in-one book by the masters of fitness.”
The Dallas Morning News
… simple programs designed for a busy schedule.”
-Kiplinger Magazine
This simply written yet comprehensive book contains all you'll need to know how to get fit.”
-The Washington Post
With common-sense applications of movement, stretching and weight-training, Getting Back in Shape offers great advice for the person less concerned with performance than general fitness and wellness.”
-Atlanta Sports and Fitness Magazine