Marathon: You Can Do It!
Feedback From Readers

Kim, Moe, and Jeff
“Dear Jeff,
It was a pleasure meeting you in Chicago at our September 1 run. I've attached the picture of you with myself and my best friend Maureen Ferguson, who inspired me to join the program. It has truly been a life changing experience, and I feel completely prepared to run both the Chicago and Marine Corps Marathons! Run injury free!”
Kim Burbules
“I want to thank you for the most incredible, unbelievable experience of my life. Never in a million years did I think I could accomplish such a feat. I have never done anything athletic in my entire life. I can’t express how I felt going through the finish line at the NYC Marathon. I had so many emotions going through me, I almost lost my breath!”
Jackie Baca
New York City
“One of my goals in life was to run a marathon. With the Galloway Program, not only did I fulfill my dream, but I never thought I would be able to run four marathons in two years, injury-free. It not only changed the way I live but also changed my outlook on life: I take it one mile at a time.”
Jane Mun,
New York City
“Reading your article made it OK for me to walk during training runs, and during the marathon. I do not know if I would have been able to complete the marathon otherwise… Keep up your excellent work, and never ever stop talking about the run/walk plan. It makes the marathon accessible to people who would otherwise never dream of doing a marathon. It really works! Thank you so much!!!”
Tim Esser
“I took the walk breaks, did the rubber-band trick, kept the brain positive and guess what? I qualified for Boston with a little time to spare. I think that of all the marathons I have ever done… this one meant the most of all to me. It does work. Thanks again.”
Patti Wathke
Eau Claire, WI
“I am a 42-year-old homemaker in Roswell, GA, with a dream of some day running a marathon… I have been following your run/walk training schedule and I love it. I just ran/walked 9 miles on a beautiful Sunday morning and feel wonderful… I just know I can run/walk this half marathon now. You have been an enormous help in helping me work towards realizing my dream.”
Terry Phillips
Roswell, GA
“Everyone is pulling for you to get to the finish line.”
Cesare Lucido
“I used your walk/run method, cutting my best time by 40 minutes. Thank you.”
Chris Willhite
Springfield, OR
“I want to thank Jeff for all that he does for runners. I listened to him in Big Sur and, because of a pretty severe injury that I had just recovered from, did not plan on even finishing Big Sur, even though I am a veteran marathoner. After listening to his walk/run method I felt I had nothing to lose, so I tried it. It was not my fastest marathon by far but I had the best time in my life. I felt great through the whole marathon, talked to more people than I ever had and never hit the wall, a first… Thanks so much.”
Keith Wundrow
“I am currently training for my first marathon this fall with the Galloway Group. My experience based on your training techniques has been going extremely well and I thank you for sharing your gifts with all the ‘eager’ runners out there like me! You have helped me believe that ‘I can do it!’ and that my running can be integrated into my life to support balance, not disrupt it.”
Mary Martin
“I just finished my first marathon at Vermont City last Sunday in Burlington… This from a 52-year-old woman who has been running for 24 years, no more than 5 miles, usually 3, until two years ago, when I joined a running club. Using your method, I walked every 8 minutes for the first 18 miles and then every 7 until 22 miles… If I can do it, anybody can. It really works.”
Rosemary Shannon
“I’ve run in Jeff Galloway’s training program for three years, and each year I have a great time, meet new people, and improve my fitness. His method of taking walk breaks throughout the run has helped me have negative split times in every long race or marathon that I’ve run, and has kept me injury-free. I’m always amazed at how much energy I have at the end of a marathon, and how many people I pass who are practically crawling to the finish line with nothing left.”
“I don’t know if I’m running faster or not, because I do so much of my training on unmeasured trails, but I do know that I am running more days per month, and much higher total volume than I’ve ever been able to. In the past, injuries and mega-soreness would keep me from running long.”
Kevin Arbuckle