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Bill Pearl, 1985
© 1985, Lloyd Kahn

Here are two short stories from Bill Pearl's book

Chin Up

A Lutheran minister had been training in my Sacramento gym for some time. He stayed on the same program, never changed the sets, or reps or weights, year after year. One day he came up to me. “Bill, I’ve been training here for ten years. Something must be wrong, because I’m not making any progress. I’m the same as I was ten years ago.”

”Al,” I said, “You started when you were 40 and now you’re 50 and you’re in the same shape?”

”Yes,” replied Al, still disgruntled.

”That’s wonderful,” I told him, “In ten years you haven’t lost any of you physique or any conditioning. You’ve turned back the clock ten years. That isn’t progress?

If You Quit

It’s no disaster. Don’t think, “Well, I missed a week so I’ve blown it — no sense starting over.”

You can always start over. Remember the well-worn phrase, “Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life”? It’s true. If you do quit, or if you have quit, tomorrow is a great time to get started again.

Look at it this way: you’ve had a little rest and now you can start fresh. Too many people get so psyched up about being regular with their workouts that if they stop — even for a short time — they think all is lost, that they’ve failed and so they quit.

Life is a series of ups and downs, starts and stops, mountains and valleys. No matter how many times you quit, you can always start again.

  1. Stretching for flexibility 
  1. Lifting for strength 
  1. Moving for stronger heart and lungs and better circulation
These activites are designed to be done in and around the office.

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