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The Busy Day

Take 10

Can’t even get in a 30-minute workout some days? Well, take three 10-minute workouts instead. Recent research has shown that three 10-minute workouts provide almost as much health benefit as one 30-minute workout.

Think of these sessions as maintenance: three short 10-minute sessions will keep you in shape until you can get back to your regular program.

Busy, successful executives often find ways to include exercise in their already crowded life-styles. Schedule exercise for a time when an interruption is least likely. An in-house gym certainly helps. Make —and keep — an appointment with exercise every day, just like your other business appointments.

  • Walk for 2–10 minutes three times a day
  • Mix strength exercises, stair climbing and stretching
  • Ride a stationary bike 5–10–15 minutes at a time
  • Stretch when watching the news

Avoid scheduled, intense exercise routines and instead substitute small bouts of activity spaced comfortably throughout the day.

Here's a page of quick exercises to do on those "busy days". To download a good screen-size print-out, click on the image below for an Adobe PDF.

From: Getting In Shape © 2002
Shelter Publications, Inc., Bolinas, CA

  1. Stretching for flexibility 
  1. Lifting for strength 
  1. Moving for stronger heart and lungs and better circulation
These activites are designed to be done in and around the office.

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