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Office Fitness Clinic

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The human body was not designed to sit for long periods of time. Holding still for long periods is a recent phenomenon in human history.

If you sit at a desk and/or computer much of the day, the Office Fitness Clinic is for you. It will give you ideas, programs, and advice on staying fit even though you work in an office every day.

There are three basic elements of fitness:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Muscular strength
  3. Heart and lung health

Correspondingly, we will show you activities for each one:
  1. Stretching for flexibility 
  1. Lifting for strength 
  1. Moving for stronger heart and lungs and better circulation
These activites are designed to be done in and around the office.

We will also show you body tools that can be used in the office for self massage and better circulation.

You will be surprised what a few minutes of stretching or exercise will make in your day.

Please note: The stretches, exercises, and advice on this website are not meant to substitute for medical diagnosis and/or treatment. If you have any physical or health problems, please consult with your physician or health professional before trying any new physical activity.

To your very best health!

StretchWare: The Software That Reminds You To Stretch

A software program that reminds you to stretch while using your computer, for both Mac and Windows.