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Moving On the Job

  • Mini-walks. Take a longer route to the bathroom or photocopier. Walk during coffee breaks. Walk to talk to a colleague instead of using the phone.
  • Climb more stairs. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. You burn 4 calories for every 10 steps you climb.
  • Park and walk. Park a distance away from work instead of as close as you can get. Walking burns calories. Or when you go shopping, park on the outskirts of the mall parking lot. Give up the car ride to the station in the morning and walk to the bus or train.
  • Stand and talk. While talking on the phone, stand up and pace for a few minutes. Pacing burns about one calorie for every 15-20 steps you take. Stretch to ease upper body tension.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. The latest well-designed walking shoes feel so great you'll be encouraged to walk farther and more often. Choose a quality, light pair of dress walking shoes to wear at work. Or, keep a pair of running or walking shoes at the office to use during lunch hour walks.
  • Elevate feet each day for 3-5 minutes. Good for circulation and relief for swollen, tired feet. Also helps prevent varicose veins.

Excerpted from: Getting In Shape © 2002
by Shelter Publications, Inc., Bolinas, CA

  1. Stretching for flexibility 
  1. Lifting for strength 
  1. Moving for stronger heart and lungs and better circulation
These activites are designed to be done in and around the office.

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