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Online RSI Resources

Worldwide Web


ErgoWeb is the on-stop-spot for ergonomic information. This site is a must see for all interested in ergonomics. If you are doing research, customizing your workstation or just want to connect with others who can relate to your situation, it’s all here. The staff is friendly and well versed in the field.


Oshweb is an index of occupational safety and health resources. The purpose is to provide a good starting point for locating occupational safety and health information.

Computer-related Repetitive Strain Injury

This is an excellent site for sound ergonomic principles and the basics of RSI without being boring or academic. Webmaster Paul Marxhausen has had RSI problems since 1994 and urges people with any of the listed symptoms to “. . . run, do not walk, to your doctor or health care provider right away.” He is aware of the value of early diagnosis and treatment. There are links to other sites, products, and resources, including “FindADoc,” aimed at locating doctors specializing in RSI throughout the country.

Typing Injury FAQ: A Guide to Comfortable Computing

This is the granddaddy of online RSI information sites. Tons of information here, with links going off in many directions to all kinds of data on the subject. Lots of info on products such as keyboards, alternative pointing devices, desks and chairs, a very complete list of various software programs that will remind you to stretch while at the keyboard, and an archive of typing injuries.

Typing Without Repetitive Strain e-book

Typing Without Repetitive Strain is a practical guide that helps you to eliminate repetitive strain naturally through revolutionizing your typing technique.

Amara’s RSI Page

Side effects from RSI of the digital age. This article describes methods, approaches and treatments that have helped others in dealing with their injuries. It contains definitions, symptoms, causes, treatments, ergonomics, resources and more.

Directory of Chiropratic and Bodyworker Suppliers

Extensive list of products, services and resources.

Shelter Online

Shelter Publications’ website, with information on stretching, (including — ahem! — programs from this book), weight training, running, fitness in general, healthy cooking, and a variety of other subjects.

Internet Newsgroups


A very active newsgroup of people with computer-related problems. These are the people in the trenches. If you subscribe, be forewarned, you will get a ton of e-mail. Much of it is helpful and up-to-date — an example of the unique facility of Internet information exchange. The irony is that the helpful data comes to you through the same device that is causing the trouble.

To subscribe, send message “subscribe sorehand <your name>” to:


Another excellent source of info on RSI, with contributors from around the world. There’s something unique and especially relevant about these personal accounts from many people with the same problems. The network of people helping one another is useful as well as inspiring, and the exchanges are more current than is available in any other media.

To subscribe, send message “subscribe c+health <your name>” to: .

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