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Jeff Galloway’s Biography

Here is the “About the Author”section from Galloway’s Book on Running:

JEFF GALLOWAY has been running since 1958. Born in Raleigh, North Carolina, Jeff started running in high school and was state champion in the 2-mile. He attended Wesleyan University and was All-American in cross-country and track. After three years in the U.S. Navy, he attended graduate school at Florida State University and received a master’s degree in social studies.

In Florida Jeff started training with Frank Shorter and Jack Bacheler. In preparing for the 1972 Olympics, the three runners spent two months training in the mountains at Vail, Colorado, and all three made the Olympic team that year. Jeff, according to runner/writer Joe Henderson ". . . should have been an Olympic marathoner, but instead made the team in the 10,000 and then helped friend Jack Bacheler make it in the longer distance."

In 1973 Jeff set an American record in the 10-mile and represented the U.S. as a member of the U.S. National Track and Field team in Europe, Russia and Africa. In the mid-’70s Jeff began to follow a training program that emphasized more rest and less weekly mileage, coupled with a long run every other week and at age 35 ran the Houston-Tenneco Marathon in 2: 16.

Jeff Galloway’s Competitive Career

  • High school: 1 mile: 4:28; 2-mile: 9:48
  • College: l-mile: 4: 12; 2-mile: 9:06; 3-mile: 14: 10
  • Other times: 6-mile: 27:21
    • 10K: 28:29
    • 10-mile: 47:49 (U.S. record, 1973)
    • Marathon: 2: 16:35

He was the first winner of Atlanta’s Peachtree Road Race in 1970 and later became a key organizer in the event. He put together the world-class field of Bill Rodgers, Frank Shorter, Don Kardong and Lasse Viren in 1977, which gave international recognition to the race and in three years, entries climbed from 1200 to 12,000. As co-founder of the Avon International Women’s Marathon in 1978, he promoted the cause that resulted in a women’s Olympic marathon. He is also co-director of the Manufacturers Hanover Corporate Challenge.

In 1973 Galloway founded Phidippides, now a nationally franchised network of 35 running stores. In 1975 he started his first vacation fitness camp and there are now three in operation each summer in California, Colorado and British Columbia. Coaches and lecturers at the camps include Bob Anderson, Covert Bailey, David Costill, Joe Henderson, Harry Hlavac, D.P.M., Arthur Lydiard, John Pagliano, D.P.M., and Joan Ullyot, M.D.

Jeff met his wife Barbara at a track meet in Florida - - Barbara was on the Florida State women’s track team. They were married in 1976. Barbara runs practically every day and has competed in over 30 marathons. Her best lOK time is 41:50 and marathon time, 3:18.

Jeff now conducts over 60 running clinics a year and makes 80-100 appearances at running stores, YMCAs, and fitness clubs. For years he has listened to the problems of everyday runners and tried to work out creative solutions to their varying problems - - particularly those that have a limited amount of time to train.

Jeff and Barbara live with their sons Brennan and Westin in Atlanta, Georgia.

Excerpted from Galloway’s Book on Running, ©1984 by Jeff Galloway. Shelter Publications, Inc., Bolinas, Calif. Distributed in bookstores by Publishers Group West