Galloway's Book on Running
2nd Edition

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By Jeff Galloway
288 pages 7" x 9" Trade paperback
$18.95 2002 ISBN 978-0-936070-27-8

Olympic runner Jeff Galloway shows how the same training principles used by elite runners apply to runners of all levels, explains his secrets for running better, and his revolutionary ideas on stress and rest. Jeff tells beginners how to get started sensibly and provides unique training charts for 5k and10K races, and half-marathons. This is state-of-the-art running information from one of the world's great runners and teachers.

GALLOWAY’S BOOK ON RUNNING has sold over 600,000 copies in 8 languages since it was first published in 1984, and is known among runners as the finest work ever published on the art and science of running. Jeff Galloway is a world-class runner who decided back in the ’80s that his mission in life was to teach others how to run, and in so doing, make fitness a permanent part of their lives.

The original book featured training programs for 10K races and marathons. Since he recently wrote an entire book devoted to marathons, Marathon: You Can Do It!, Jeff decided to remove marathon training from Galloway’s Book on Running, and include the very popular 5K and half-marathon distances, along with the 10K.

What's New in the 2nd Edition:

  • 5K and half-marathon training programs
  • Less focus on pulse-checking as a component of training
  • Walk break concept introduced for all race distances
  • Much more information on training in the extremes of hot and cold weather
  • A new chapter on motivation and mental training
  • The most current information on nutrition
  • More in-depth analysis of injuries and their treatment, such as heel problems like plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, and a special report on iliotibial band injuries
  • A greater focus on the particular needs of the older runner, with an emphasis on fat burning, and the importance of rest

Galloway’s Book on Running Is a Must-Read for Runners of All Levels

It’s the definitive general guide to running, and in addition, has training programs for three races. It shows novices how to get started and stick with it. It also has serious training advice for competitive racers. It will get you moving and keep you motivated to make running your secret to good health for the rest of your life!

Galloway not only knows his craft, but also has the rare ability to convey this knowledge through teaching.”
–Frank Shorter
If there were a literary Olympics, Galoway's book would take the gold in the distance events—running away.”
-Fred Hatfield
Sports Fitness Magazine outstanding contribution to competitive running.”
-Kenneth H. Cooper, M.D.
Author of Aerobics