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Jeff Galloway was on the American Olympic track and field team in 1972 and set an American record in the 10-mile in 1973. He was the first winner of the internationally famous Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta in 1970 and later became a key organizer in the event. He put together the world-class field of Bill Rodgers, Frank Shorter and Don Kardong for the race in 1977. These days Jeff runs the Phidippides running stores and spends much of the year travelling as race director and commentator at various distance races in the U.S.

Jeff is the author of two of the best-selling running books in America, Galloway’s Book on Running (2002) and Marathon: You Can Do It! (2001). Jeff is unique in his ability to translate world-class running techniques into programs and terms that any runner can understand.

Items of Interest to Runners:

  • Galloway’s Book on Running by Jeff Galloway
  • See Jeff’s book specifically written for marathon participation,
    Marathon: You Can Do It!.
  • Runners: read Jeff’s Five Stages of a Runner wherein you’ll encounter yourself.
  • The Running Revolution: the recent history of running as we know it in America.
  • For information on Jeff Galloway’s summer running camps and videos, call 800-200-2771, ext. 10.
  • Listen to Your Pain by Ben E. Benjamin, Ph.D. Not a Shelter book, but our favorite for self-diagnosis and treatment of athletic injuries. Penguin Books, NY, 1984.