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Running 1996

Marathons are hot, says Jeff Galloway. There’s been a shift in the last 5 years. Where the number of marathon runners decreased for about ten years, they’re now on a rapid rise. In fact, twice as many people are running marathons now as were in the running boom of the early ’80s. For example, the NYC marathon has tripled in number of entries over 10 years ago.

What accounts for the change? “People are running to have fun,” says Jeff. “It’s not so fiercly competitive these days. People aren’t only trying to run fast, they’re enjoying the movement, the outdoors, the companionship.”

Marathon Training Programs: From his homebase in Atlanta, Jeff now runs 20 marathon training groups in various parts of the country. People of various abilities get personalized training programs to run marathons via a training group. For example, the L.A. Leggers train about 250 runners for the L.A. Marathon, using Galloway’s programs.

Jeff has also written and published a new (1995) book about running, Return of the Tribes to Peachtree Street. Although it’s in a fictional form, it is interspersed with the latest training tips Jeff has developed since he wrote Galloway’s Book on Running .

To contact Jeff, call 404-255-1033, fax 404-252-0932 or write Jeff Galloway, 6435 Scott Valley Rd., Atlanta, GA 30328