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Caring for Your Back
Sample Routine:
Traveler's Stretches
Sample Routine:
Gardening Stretches

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30th Anniversary Revised Edition

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by Bob Anderson
illustrated by Jean Anderson
240 pages 8-1/2" x 11" Trade paperback
$19.95 2010 ISBN 978-0-936070-46-9
I take your book with me everywhere – it‘s my constant companion. I teach mostly seniors, and we have a ball with your stretches and exercises.”

Stretching is a simple, gentle activity that can be done by anyone, anywhere, at any time. This 30th Anniversary Edition of Stretching contains:

  • 150 stretches with simple instructions for each stretch
  • One- or two-page graphic stretching routines, including:
    • 17 routines for everyday activities
    • 10 routines for computer users and office workers
    • 37 routines for different sports
  • Graphic index of all 150 stretches — useful for doctors, medical professionals, and
    body workers in prescribing stretches for patients
  • Body tools
  • Caring for your back
  • PNF stretching

If you stretch in the right way (no bouncing, no pain), you’ll feel better. It’s that simple.

What's new in this Revised Edition?

  • 10 new stretching routines for office workers and computer operators
  • Tips on office ergonomics and preventing repetitive stress injuries
  • Description of 4 types of stretching, including dynamic stretching for athletes
  • New hand, wrist, and forearm stretches for people with carpal tunnel syndrome
  • New 2-color design

What's not new?

I love the stretching exercises. They sure keep you feeling better, and my husband loves the golf stretches.”

The basic principles of staying flexible and fit for a lifetime are the same. Bob's methods of slow, steady stretching—paying close attention to how the stretch feels—haven't changed. The book still reflects the idea that stretching is the simplest of all fitness activities, one that can be done throughout the day—and for a lifetime.

Why do people need Stretching more than ever?

gardening stretchesA sedentary worklife? Participating in sports? Going to the gym? More time spent in front of a computer? An aging population? No matter what kind of shape you're in or what kind of activity you do, stretching relieves stress and gets you ready for action.

Sample stretching routines

Here are two samples of the more than 50 stretching routines from the book: