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“I am approaching 68 years of age and having cycled, played field hockey and experienced a prolapsed intraspinal disc symptoms for over ten years and more recently the impact of osteo arthritis I was feeling pretty wretched and miserable about my long term health prospects. I turned yet again to the company that gave me Galloway and Anderson.

Anderson I have been using for greater than 10 years and have obtained the benefits of his advice on stretching through both Edns. one and two.

Galloway has enabled me to complete two marathons since Anderson gave me the flexibility and confidence to start the training when I was 62 years old. Now I am into mountaineering and use the Anderson/ Pearl publications to bring me into a level of strength and flexibility that I did not think was possible.

You as publishers should feel very proud of your achievements in health and well being and thank you again.

Please pass on my comments to the respective authors not forgetting Jean Anderson for her excellent, simple yet accurate line drawings.”

Graham Caldwell


In 1979 I read a review of a homemade book called Stretching in the CoEvolution Quarterly magazine. I had been having lower back problems from gardening, so sent for the book and began doing the stretches. It was a book mainly for athletes, but it solved my back problems. I wrote the author, Bob Anderson, suggesting that he add stretches for gardeners, carpenters, people who do manual labor. We began corresponding. I learned that Bob and his wife Jean had sold 35,000 copies of the book from a garage in Southern California.

Eventually I asked Bob if he would be interested in revising the book and getting it into bookstores. Yes, he said, and in late 1979 Bob and Jean moved to our home town of Bolinas, we rented them a beachfront house and in about 3 months’ time, we rewrote the book, Jean did all new drawings and we did a first print run of 50,000 copies in San Francisco.

The new Stretching took off immediately in the bookstores and sold around 70,000 copies in the US every year since. It sold over 3 million copies worldwide and has been translated into 19 languages.

In the year 2000 we published the 20th Anniversary Revised Edition of Stretching, with over 1000 new drawings, 25 new routines and several exciting new sections. The best has just gotten better...

Over the years, Bob and Jean formed a company, Stretching, Inc. and have developed a series of books, videotapes and products related to stretching and fitness. Recently they teamed up with bodybuilding legend Bill Pearl and exercise physiologist Ed Burke to produce a new book called Getting Back in Shape.

Bob and Jean’s Stretching in the Office, is written for people who work at a computer and/or desk and want to do something to counteract the negative effects that fixed positions and sedentary office work have on their bodies. This book then inspired their computer software program, StretchWare, which reminds you to stretch while working at your computer.

Lloyd Kahn

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