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Bill Pearl’s Biography

Here is the “About the Author” section from Getting Stronger:

BILL PEARL was born in Prineville, Oregon on October 31, 1930. At age 14 he acquired his first set of weights and has lifted weights ever since. He was a star wrestler and football player in high school. He then joined the U.S. Navy and won the 13th Naval District Heavyweight Wrestling Championship and the Pacific Northwest All Comers Meet in 1951. He began training with gym owner Leo Stern in the early '’50s in San Diego and he credits Stern with coaching him and helping him on the road to winning the following titles:

  • 1953 Mr. Southern California
  • 1953 Mr. California
  • 1953 AAU Mr. America
  • 1953 NABBA Mr. Universe, Amateur
  • 1956 Mr. USA, Professional
  • 1956 NABBA Mr. Universe, Professional
  • 1961 NABBA Mr. Universe, Professional
  • 1967 NABBA Mr. Universe, Professional
  • 1971 NABBA Mr. Universe, Professional
  • 1974 WBBG World's Best Built Man
  • 1978 Entered into WBBG Hall of Fame

Bill has run gyms in Sacramento, California and Los Angeles for over 30 years. He has personally coached more major contest winners than anyone else in history: his pupils have won 10 Mr. Universe titles and eight Mr. America titles. Bill appears regularly at sports fitness conventions, bodybuilding contests and other invitational events. Notes on his career and photos appear in practically every book on bodybuilding today. He was the subject of a feature article by Terry Todd in Sports Illustrated in 1983.

Bill and his wife Judy recently moved to a small town near Medford, Oregon. They live on a four-acre ranch with fruit trees, two dogs, a cat, two tortoises and a parrot. In a barn behind the house Bill has set up his gym. He gets up at 3:00 A.M. to train six days a week. He first does some cardiovascular training and stretching and is then joined at 4:30 sharp by his training partners — including Judy, also a bodybuilder. Their workout lasts about 2 hours.

Bill has long been an admirer of the old strongrnan traditions. He used to blow up hot water bottles until they burst and can still tear two California license plates in half with his bare hands. This love of things old also shows in Bill's collection of antique cars — which he restores himself — including an 1899 Marlboro, a 1907 Model N Ford, a 1910 Stanley Steamer, a 1915 Model T Ford, a 1932 Ford Phaeton 4-door convertible, and a 1949 Willys Jeep.

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