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We publish some of the best fitness books in the world. They continue to be some of the best-selling books in each of their fields — stretching, weight training, and running.

Bob Anderson's Stretching, first published in 1980, was revised and updated in 2000.

Getting Stronger, by bodybuilding legend Bill Pearl, was first published in 1986, extensively revised in 2001, and was then given a new cover and interior graphics for its 20th anniversary in 2006.

Galloway’s Book on Running (1984), was updated as a very new second edition in 2002. Marathon : You Can Do It ! (2001), is Jeff Galloway's specific training program for marathon runners, both beginner and advanced.

Getting Back in Shape, extensively updated and revised in 2006, sets a new standard in fitness books for the average person.

Stretching in the Office (2002) is written specifically for office workers to help relieve stress and tension, and create a pain–free day. This book then inspired our computer software program, StretchWare, which reminds you to stretch while working at your computer.

Our book about the internal martial arts from China, Ancient Way to Keep Fit (1994), is richly illustrated with many original color paintings.

A unique feature of these books is that they are highly graphic. We use pen and ink drawings to convey the “how-to” information (2800 drawings in Getting Stronger, over 1000 drawings in Getting Back in Shape).

Our books are distributed to bookstores by Publishers Group West (PGW) 800-788-3123.

He who has health has hope,
and he who has hope has everything.”
–Ancient Proverb

Click on any of the underlined subjects below for excerpts and further information from our books.

  • Chi Gung
  • Running
  • Stretching
  • Weight Training
  • Getting Back in Shape
  • StretchWare: The Software That Reminds You To Stretch
  • Stretching in the Office
  • Office Fitness Clinic
  • Stretching, Inc. website: Bob and Jean Anderson’s website of stretching literature, wall charts, posters, chart pads, videos, body tools, and athletic wear.
  • World-famous bodybuilder Bill Pearl’s website: Bill’s list of weight-training books, posters, and over 100 weight-training workout cards. Also, workout programs from various books.
  • Cycling, including good mountain bike info: check out Cyber Cycle, the Internet Bicycling Resource.
  • Wilderness Trail Bikes From the heart of mountain bike land, Steve Potts and friends have put together a bunch of hi-tech components for serious mountain bikers. Write for catalog: 475 Miller Ave., Mill Valley, CA, 94941. Telephone: 415-389-5040

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