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Getting Your Affairs in Order
Making Life Easier for Those You Leave Behind

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By Elmo A. Petterle
120 pages 8" x 10.5" Trade paperback
$24.95 1993 ISBN 978-0-936070-15-5

"In the best of all worlds, we would know exactly what to do when someone close dies. Our loved one would have informed us where to find instructions setting forth funeral arrangements, the location of the will and any life insurance policies, a list of all property and assets, and the name of the deceased's lawyer Any minors would be provided for in the will. No one would challenge the authority of the executor–the person named by the deceased to make sure the terms of the will are met. Probating an estate, an often grueling court process, would be completed smoothly and quickly. In the real world, such a well-ordered process almost never occurs."

-Money Magazine

Did you know that 93 percent of all families are unprepared when death occurs?

GETTING YOUR AFFAIRS IN ORDER solves this problem. By filling in the book's clear, simple forms, you can leave your loved ones a record of:

  • Cemetery, mortuary and memorial service arrangements
  • Relatives, close friends and business associates to contact
  • Benefits survivors are entitled to, including:
    • Life Insurance
    • Pensions
    • IRA
    • Keogh plans
    • Social Security
    • Medical and medical insurance
    • Veterans' benefits


  • A clear list of what must be done and in what order-in the hours, days, and months after a death
  • Information on wills, "living wills", and probate
  • One place to list all your assets and liabilities
  • Forms to estimate your present net worth and to clarify month-to-month management of existing finances

With all this valuable information in one place for easy access, GETTING YOUR AFFAIRS IN ORDER makes life easier for survivors at an extremely difficult time in their lives.

You can leave your survivors a record -- all in one place -- of what must be done, in what order, in the hours, days and months following a death. Your guide to wills, "living wills," probate. Includes will preparation, location of records, survivors' benefits, financial planning, funeral arrangements, "Right-to-Die," dealing with grief, and support groups.

. . . worth its weight in gold."
–Joyce James
The Washington Post
I will recommend it to others."
--Senator Mark O. Hatfield

About the Author

Elmo A. Petterle was a personnel manager for Pacific Gas and Electric Company for 25 years. Part of his job involved making the initial contact with survivors when an employee died. This first-hand experience led to the realization that most people are not prepared, emotionally or otherwise, to handle the suddenly-inherited responsibilities that accompany the death of a loved one.

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