Mid Aug.2010

I’m still amazed and amused that our simple handbuilt home got on the CBS Sunday morning show in May. It's being rerun this Sunday (Aug. 21), 9 AM East Coast time, 6 AM (ulp!) West Coast time. Here's a link to the archived show:;lst;1

Random notes:
Solar Energy Festival: SolFest, the big solar energy festival put on by Real Goods, is back on this year in Ukiah, California on Sept 25-26. Keynote speakers: Robert Kennedy, Jr., and Arianna Huffington. I'm giving a talk Saturday titled "The 1/2 Acre Homestead in the 21st Century," recapping 50 years' experience. Music by Poor Man's Whiskey (bluegrass). We'll have a booth, selling books. It's always a great outdoor event.

Tiny Houses Book: We're rolling. I've done about a dozen pages of rough layout and our art director David Wills coming in today to do some preliminary work.

My Blog: More and more stuff on shelter these days. Pic here is Sun Ray Kelley's solar-powered gypsy van, now under construction:

Blog is at:

Best from California on a sunny/foggy morning,