May 15, 2012

I've spent three of the last four weeks on the road, doing slideshow/book signings, first in British Columbia, then in Grand Marais, Minnesota at the North house Folk School. It's been really successful; 250 people packed an auditorium in Vancouver on a rainy night; in two towns of about 1000 inhabitants each, I had crowds of 101 and 100, respectively. People were coming up to me in the streets in towns and cities I was visiting.

Before that I did 7 signings in Northern California.

This weekend I'm doing two TH presentations at the Maker Faire in San Mateo, Calif. An estimated 100,000 will attend the event this year.

On Saturday June 2, I'm one of the featured speakers at the Mother Earth News Fair in Puyallup, Washington.

Then I'm going to the BEA, where I'll be signing books (and giving away minibooks) for an hour at the "·Nautilus Award Winning Showcase in the 'New Title Showcase' in the Crystal Place Exhibit area in the lobby of the Javits Center." (The book got a Nautilus award.)

Nautilus award

On Wednesday, June 6, I'm doing a presentation at the Spoonbill and Sugartown bookstore in Brooklyn.

Spoonbill flyer

Sales: We are down to 900 copies from our first two printings of 22,500 copies total and a third printing of 15,000 is underway right now. We'll probably be out of stock for about a month once this inventory is gone.

Everyone loves the mini books. It's like giving away candy. 90% of the people that I hand them to laugh out loud (not a smile, but a laugh). On my trip I would leave a couple of them when I paid bills in restaurants. I felt like the Lone Ranger leaving silver bullets behind.

With this book, we've unexpectedly caught a wave. The media right now is replete with stories of tiny homes.

New Yorker cartoon by Paul Karasik

New Yorker Cartoon by Paul Karasik, May 7, 2012!/s/The+Girl+With+Far+Away+Eyes/3A6OB0?src=5

Over and out from Bolinas,