February 04, 2013

Sunrise last week shot with iPhone 5, panoramic setting

Sunrise last week shot with iPhone 5, panoramic setting

Blogging takes up so much of my time (at least one post per day) that I don't get these newsletters out very often these days, but try to do one every once in a while. My blog is On most browsers if you just type in "lloydkahn," it'll go there. Daily adventures, misadventures, and discoveries.


Tiny Homes is selling like mad. 39,000 copies this year; it has saved our publishing house (which was having to borrow $$ to pay print bills). Luckily, we hit a trend. The real estate bust, scarcity of good-paying jobs, high home prices have caused many people to consider the merits -- even if temporarily -- of going smaller. Don't get a mortgage/Don't pay high rent.

Tiny Homes on the Move: Wheels & Water is underway. Campers, trailers, vans, housetrucks, housebuses; houseboats, sailboats, riverboats, tugboat homes. We've got about 60 pages roughed out so far, and it's looking every bit as good as Tiny Homes. Sub-subtitle: Nomadic Living in the 21st Century.



Wildwood Wisdom has taken off in sales. It's a profusely illustrated book about survival skills, American Indian crafts, and living off the land, first published in 1945. It sold over 8,000 copies in 2012.

By now, we have a suite, so to speak, of our photo-rich building books: Shelter, Home Work, Builders of the Pacific Coast, and Tiny Homes. These 4 books are inter-related; many of the homes shown were inspired by one or more of these books.

You can check out all of these books at:

Another encouraging thing: 20- and 30-year-olds are discovering our building books. They're knocked out by Shelter (sales of which have jumped -- now over 270,000 copies in print). This new generation (many of them, that is) seem to be in tune with our ideas for using one's own hands to build shelter and a passion for soulful homes. I just love this age group.

Stretching eBook Gets Big Award

Rick Gordon
This is a big deal -- what Rick (Gordon) has done here, that is. I've fended off doing various electronic versions of our powerhouse book Stretching (over 3-1/2 million sold) for over 10 years. We couldn't find anyone to do what we wanted to do here, so Rick, our production chief and tech genius did it himself. It's just now out -- for iPad & iPhones.

Available for $9.99 until March 01, 2013 at

"WINNER, Enhanced eBook: Stretching:
This longtime bestseller from Shelter Publications celebrates its 30th anniversary in print with this ebook edition that thoroughly realizes the platform's potential, proving that a simple concept can be the basis of a vastly improved product through careful, intelligent use of the technology.
Stretching excellently performed its task -- going beyond the print edition to create an excellent ebook." -Publishing Innovation Awards.

Here is the list of winners:

Stretching eBook available here:

If you happen to purchase it and truly think it's wonderful, it'd be great if you posted a review in the iBookstore and on GoodReads

My Photos in Lucky Peach Magazine
A reporter from Lucky Peach came out and went through about 10,000 thumbnails of my photos from recent years. (I discovered I have over 60,000 photos from 40 years.) It's the "apocalypse" issue of the mag and they did 6 pages, with about 50 of my photos, on homes. kitchens, gardens, foraging, doing stuff for yrslf. Will be on newsstands mid-Feb.


The Age of Happiness
Lloyd Kahn skateboarding
So much is going on in my life right now that I have a hard time sorting it all out, much less writing about it. I've started backing away from publicity ops because they take so much time, but I did one "media thing" the week before my shoulder operation because I thought the photographer and the project were so cool.

 I met Vladimir Yakovlev at Trouble Coffee in San Francisco. He was here from Moscow photographing people for the American version of his book The Age of Happiness, 70-100 year olds who are active and lively. The Russian version sold 5000 copies (a $50 book) in the first month in Russia.) It's a stunning book.

Some photos and some of our conversation just appeared on Vladimir's website here:
To see other people on the website, click here:

A Few Things From My Blog
Shoulder operation -- ugh!:

Fishing cabin:
fishing cabin

Great little California reggae band:

"Yes, You Can Build Your Own Tiny Home":


Rufous-sided Towhee
Rufous-sided Towhee outside kitchen window one morning. Good morning, sunshine!

"Take it easy, and if you can't take it easy, take it as easy as you can."