Late Summer, 2013

Tiny Homes on the Move Is Moving Along
We've filled up the 224 pages. Now Rick is working on the 1,000+ photos, which came into us in many forms.

There are: 8 vans/10 pickup-truck-with-camper-shells/8 housetrucks/7 house buses/24 trailers/3 bikes/16 sailboats/8 houseboats/1 tugboat.

Exciting. Last-minute material coming in daily. This turns out to be a wild book!

At random, this just in last week from master builder Mark Hansen of Grand Marais, Minnesota.

teardrop camper

His Micro Wagon is 4' x 7' of interior space, mounted on a a 125-pound Yakima Rock and Roll trailer, "...a superbly built aluminum rolling platform capable of hauling 400 pounds."

"...comfortable sleeping and sitting for two people and includes two separate work surfaces for food prep, etc. The total weight of the rig is 375 pounds, which can easily be pulled by an economy car." Mark will have plans available. I think we're going to build one. I bet you could pull this with a SmartCar.

We're aiming to have the book ready in May, 2014. Boy does it take us forever.

LK Interviewed on NPR
I was interviewed by Jon Kalish of NPR and it was broadcast last Thursday (8/29/13) on NPR's Here and Now program. Here's a link:

Back In The Water
I just got an O'Neill 4/3 Psycho 1 wetsuit. About $300 on sale. They call the material "Technobutter," and it's really flexible. I would have preferred an attached hood, but they didn't have same in 4/3. I hauled myself out this morning; hardly any surf but great to be back in the water. It's been 6 months since shoulder surgery and I can paddle again.

It's been a struggle of late to get out and away from the office into the natural world, compounded by surgery recovery. Now no excuses. These days I want to have fun -- paddle, get mushrooms, get food from the sea -- while getting a workout. Every time I force myself to get out there, on the trails or in the water, I'm so glad. It generates energy for the rest of the day. I just need to practice the preach.

Beach Art
I love this art. He was winging it, no initial sketch or anything. Fine to take pic, but no, he didn't want to mention his name. That made it even more special. Can you read it? Here's to you guys, wonderful (mostly unheralded) artists of this day and age.

beach grafitti

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Well, this started out to be a short newsletter. I'm so glad Fall is here.