End of Year 2013

Tiny Homes on the Move Putting a book like this together is, among other things, a process of discovery. Page after page, month after month, it's been taking shape. Now it's pretty much all together, in a binder, about half size, and I just went through it last night before giving it to Rick for one more round of corrections. Then we'll start printing it out full size on proofing paper, and this is the magic moment, when we get to see what's been created. Each book unfolds before our eyes at this stage, and this one is lookin good!

It will be out by May. Takes us forever. We stumbled into this method of putting in a lot of time, energy, and money into book production from the get-go; it's a huge investment in each book. Unexpectedly, it's meant that our books are quite different from others out there, and they have a long "shelf life." Tiny Homes has now sold 50,000 copies. (Shelter over a quarter million.)

Shelter cover
This is the 40th anniversary of our flagship book. In 1974, Edward Abbey wrote a stunning review of it in Natural History magazine. He got it. "...Shelter deserves a place in every home, Of whatever confirmation, alongside the Bible, the Book of Mormon, Shakespeare, the I Ching..." Full review here.

theshelterblog Some time after the first of the year we're going to kick off this blog, which will be devoted to building, carpentry, crafts, homes, tiny homes, gardening -- different from my blog, which is eclectic, all over the place, in focusing on just building and the home arts. We're doing this because we're getting a huge amount of info from people who have been inspired by our building books to build something or change their lives.

Right now we file stuff like this away for future books, which means it won't get communicated for years, if at all. The blog will feature multiple daily posts. We've got unique input from a growing network of like-minded people, and now we'll have a continuous flow. Should be up and running in February 2014.

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BTW, Tiny Homes has had a big surge in sales in November and the first part of December.

Millennials These guys, born between the '80s and early 2000s are different. Big change. I read an article the other day that said this is partly due to the tough times-high rents, scarce jobs, steady shifting of $$ to the rich, etc., so that this new generation is thinking more about ideas, self-sufficiency, and planetary health than just getting rich. Back to the 60s. They're interested in our books, in working with their hands, in a steady measure of non-digital pursuits. I love being around this age group; they're inspired by our books, I'm inspired by them.

Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools
Cool Tools cover
A publishing phenomenon. 450+ pages, big (11 x 14"), rebirth of the Whole Earth Catalog in the 21st century. See:

Posture: needs attention as one gets older.
1. The Gokhale Method. Great approach. Shoulders up, back, drop.
2. Foundation Training. Great exercises, much of it free online. On my blog here:

Take a break from your computer and try this 2-minute exercise:

Indian Clubs
Indian clubs
I've started using these. Simple. Great for shoulder exercise. >From the Victorian era. The old is new again. I made this one sheet reference guide from the 1866 manual shown here:

Kayak I was inspired by this YouTube of a guy riding a Hammer kayak in the surf. A radical design, this guy was carving it up: So I tried out a Hammer yesterday. It's a beautiful boat, but I got taught a lesson in the surf.

My friend Kent (on his sit-on-top kayak) and I set out, paddled a few miles, had a pod of 5 dolphins alongside for a while, what a joy!. When coming back to town I decided to try surfing. Mistake -- without any surf/kayak training. Plus hadn't practiced the Eskimo roll for 20 years. I caught a 3-4' wave, rode for a ways, then it closed out, dumping me over sideways. Upside down in the surf, attached securely to the kayak with a very robust skirt. I tried to get out, couldn't, swallowed some water, thought about drowning, started to panic, then kicked hard and it wrenched me and the skirt off the kayak, ah, air! Shook me up. I decided, even though this is a great kayak, I just don't have the time to master it. Plus I don't like being attached to a boat. When things get rough, I wanna be out (off) of there.

Red-shouldered Hawk
red-shouldered hawk
This young beauty was here this morning, terrorizing the chickens, but he can't get to them due to our completely aviary wire-protected yard.

Don't follow leaders... Every so often, maybe every few years, I get gob-smacked by Bob Dylan. Last night on our gem of a local radio station, KWMR, I heard "Subterranean Homesick Blues:"
Look out kid,
Don't matter what you did...

Was it good! Live version. I tried find it 1st thing this morning. Couldn't, but looked up the lyrics.
Johny's in the basement
Mixing up the medicine
I'm on the pavement and he
Thinking about the government...

Still stunning.

Stuff from my blog, which is at
UK Farmer Builds $250 Hobbit House With Used Materials
Hobbit house

Camping on the Beach
Camping on the Beach

Food from the Sea
Food from the Sea
Photo: Jack Fulton

Music of a Great Variety:


May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields... -Irish blessing

Boy do we need some rain!