Spring 2014


It's been a super week here. Lots of rain interspersed with blue & cloudy skies. The poppies have appeared in their typical over-the-top outrageous Spring burst of glory. Mother nature's supreme art. (This was written a week or so ago.)

Note: if you read my blog*, (ahem: )*, much of this will be redundant.

Tiny Homes on the Move Finished!

Tiny Homes on the Move cover

It took us about 4 years to get each of our previous 3 books together: Home Work (2004); Builders of the Pacific Coast (2008), and Tiny Homes (2012). Not working on the books full time, but gathering material and then eventually doing production. We got this new book done in 2 years, and it took its toll. I pretty much collapsed after doing the press check in Hong Kong and spent a nightmarish week completely out of energy. Chi flatline.

HOWEVER: I got home, recharged, and then a few days ago, our advance copies of Tiny Homes on the Move arrived via FedEx and it was like, holy shit! The book just about danced out of my hands. It was colorful, joyous, happy, positive. Smiling people. A spirit of creativity, innovation, and excitement: these homes move. (Someone said "It's your trippiest book ever.")

We put it together 2 pages at a time, and it only coalesced into an organized whole towards the end. I'm a great believer in just starting -- with whatever project. Sure, it's best to be well prepared, to have a clear idea, but whether it's building a house or a book, I need the impetus of immediacy to get rolling.

I've never had a book surprise me like this one. I'm thrilled, OK? Yes, yes, rampant over-enthusiasm.

Books Now in Bookstores

They arrived in the USA on April 21st and got into the first bookstores this week. You can also get a copy from us at:

Book Tour, THOM

I'll be doing maybe 12 appearances/book signings May-June-July in the SFO Bay Area,, including the Maker Faire in San Mateo, Calif. in mid-May. Other events: Vancouver, Victoria, and Hornby Island, BC, Canada in late (or early-TBD) September; The Mother Earth News Fair in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania, September 12-14, 2014; and The Tiny House Fair in Austin, Texas, October 10-12, 2014.

Sneak Preview PDF- 32 Pages - Free - Check it Out Now
To get a sneak preview, go to:

Want A Review Copy?
If you are interested in reviewing this book, let us know for what media, and send your address. We'll mail you a free copy. Also we'll do for anyone you know who's in a position to review it.


  • theshelterblog: Whereas my blog is eclectic and all over the place, this new blog will focus on homes, homesteading, gardening, farming, crafts, the home arts. It should be up and running by June 1, 2014. My son Evan will manage it, and we'll have daily postings. Note: We have a tremendous amount of original material coming in, mainly homes built out of our books, so this won't be merely rehashing what's out in the web-o-sphere.
  • Short YouTube videos: We'll be doing 1-min., max 2-min. vids on each of our books; also on office workout equipment, tools for the half acre homestead, 5 tiny buildings from Shelter, the story of domes, the '60s, the birth of the Whole Earth Catalog, other stuff...
  • Stretching Pocketbook: After 30 years and 3 million copies in 23 languages, we're doing a pocketbook of Bob and Jean Anderson's Stretching. Some time in late 2015. There are already pocketbooks in German and Spanish that are selling like mad.
  • Our next major building book may well be on Small Homes -- 400-1200 sq. ft. -- to tell the truth, a lot more relevant for most people than a tiny home. It'll be years; we're starting to gather material. We'll see.

A Few Blog Posts

If you want to waste some time. Note: not to be viewed while you're at work:

Music du Jour: Ray Charles & Stevie Wonder
Check out what Stevie does just after 3 minutes, Ray's reaction, and how the 7 (seven) backup singers come in. Whoo!

chicken coop
Living roof on our chicken coop

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