Fall 2014

Tiy Homes on the Move cover

Tiny Homes on the Move Book Tour In the last couple of months, I've done nine bookstore appearances/signings: Brooklyn, the San Francisco Bay Area, the Mendocino Coast, and Oregon. My M.O. is to talk a bit about how I got into publishing, then do a slide show, then answer questions. The audiences have been great. Standing room only at Bookshop Santa Cruz and in Corvallis; about 70 people at Powells in Portland. The gratifying thing is that people are so with me, and our books.

More often than not, it feels like we're a tribe-all on the same page. We are people who like doing things for ourselves, who want our homes to be colorful and aesthetic and good-feeling. Natural building materials. We want to grow some of our own food (without getting carried away with self-sufficiency). We are highly interested in what others of our ilk are doing. We're the opposite of Dwell magazine enthusiasts.

This Friday I'm be doing an appearance at the Mother Earth News Fair in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania-at 4 PM, Friday, September 5 on the Mother Earth News main stage; click here for info: If you're in this part of the world (1 hour S/W of Pittsburg), I highly recommend the Faire. Dozens of speakers, 100s of exhibitors-like a huge county fair.

Then in the fourth week of September, I'll be doing three appearances in British Columbia: Banyen Books in Vancouver on September 22; Russell Books in Victoria on September 24; and at the Hornby Island Community Center on September 27th.

I was going to end up with a tiny house conference in Austin Texas in October, but it's been canceled.

Good review of the book on BoingBoing here:

The Shelter Blog We have started a new blog. It's different from my personal fl ( in that it focuses on building, carpentry, crafts, tiny and small homes, architecture, gardening, farming, homesteading and the like. My blog is all over the place: skateboarding, music, roadkill, butterflies…but this blog will stick to the above subjects. Now that we've got it up and running; our next step will be to do some in-depth articles. It's here:

We have a tremendous amount of material coming in to us these days from people who have been influenced or inspired to build by our books. This isn't material that's already floating around out there on the web, but rather, original photos and stories. And this way, we don't have to wait for years to publish incoming material, but can publish it online daily. By early in 2015, it should be running full tilt. Check it now, and come back again in three months.

The E-thing It snuck up on me. I was checking e-mail seven days a week, and often working on the weekends. The last few years, I've been doing at least one post every day on my blog. Then I read an article a few weeks ago that the German automaker Daimler now forbids its employees to check e-mail while on vacation ( Something similar is going on in France.

Bonk! Epiphany! What have I been doing? It hit me. I don't want to be connected this fully. (And I wasn't connected nearly as tightly as young people are, who get e-mail and text messages pretty much 24-7 on their smart phones.) And having to post every single day is stressful.

So in the poppa's-got-a-brand-new-bag department, I'm backing off on my personal blog, going to work on more in-depth articles for The Shelter Blog, staying out of the office and away from e-mail on weekends and holidays, and turning my iPhone on only when I travel. Spending more time in the natural world, less in the e-world.

So there!

Stretching - The Pocketbook We're working on this now and pretty excited by it. The full-size book has sold over 3 million copies, and been translated into 23 languages. Pocketbook versions of Stretching have been very successful in Spain and Germany. Author Bob Anderson is working with us to shorten the book somewhat-cutting down on the number of stretches in each routine, and rewriting the instructions in bulleted form. You'll be able to carry it in your pocket, take it on an airplane, have it as easy reference and a reminder to pay attention to your body.

LK Interview Ari Solomon did an in-depth interview of me about my early building experiences, the '60s, domes, tiny homes, how we produce books, etc.

Barns I took a couple of days in Oregon to drive around and photograph barns, one of my favorite things to do. I was in the Willamette Valley, and found, as everywhere in the country, that barns in specific areas have specific shapes and methods of construction. Here's a curved roof barn that I fell in love with; I'm going to write something about the curved roof barns in this part of the world on our new blog soon.

Fishing This has been the best salmon season in a long time around here. Healthy ocean. At least one thing is going well in the world right now.

Newly-split grape stake fence in NORCal woods (These 2 photos shot last week in Mendocino county.)

Sorry this is so long-didn't have time to make it shorter.

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