August, 2015

Small Homes Book In Production Now
We've got about 36 pages designed so far. I'm doing the initial design with a color copy machine, scissors and Scotch Tape-no computer at this stage. Then it goes to Rick for InDesign and Photoshop preparation for the printers.

This has got to be my favorite aspect of my work-watching a book unfold as it's put together. I never know how the pages will look until they are assembled. Here's one of the small homes I'm working on right now:

"I recently finished a 1150 SF timber frame home for a client, near Alsea, in the coast range of Oregon. Frame timbers, siding, flooring, & interior trim was all milled from trees on his property.…
-Scott McClure, Corvallis, Oregon"

Note: we're looking for more people living in small homes or apartments in cities and towns. Contact us at:

We're hoping to get the book out in (late) 2016. (Takes us forever.)

Shelter Publicity
We are trying to get more books in the bookstores, so we did a recap of recent publicity and feedback on our building books, which we sent out to Publisher's Group West sales reps. If anyone else is interested, it's here:

Blog Happenings
I got overwhelmed with doing posts on my blog and announced that I might quit blogging, whereupon I got some wonderful feedback-causing me to reconsider, so now I'm posting whenever I can, but no longer daily. The Shelter Blog (building, homes, gardening, etc.) doesn't wander all over the place like my blog, and we are doing one post per day.

Yogan In USA
French timber carpenter Yogan (in both Tiny Homes and Tiny Homes on the Move) showed up last night and we're going up to see Louie in Pt. Arena Wed. A kindred spirit fer shure. His website: One of his creations:

A Fan
Small kids love our mini-books. This was at the Mother Earth News Fair in Albany, Oregon in June:

Pokey Lafarge
My son Will turned me on to this unique band:

See ya,