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Louie Frazier
The Inspiration for Home Work

The Yurts of Bill Coperthwaite

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Bill & Athena Steen
Cob Houses of Mud & Straw

Michael Kahn
Sculptural Village in the Arizona Desert

Mongolian Cloud Houses
How to make a Yurt & Live Comfortably

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Own a Real Mongolian Ger

BioRegions International is a non-profit organization working to empower the nomadic cultures of Mongolia to survive in a rapidly-changing world. They import genuine gers from Mongolia.

  • All proceeds will benefit local communities in Mongolia, directly supported projects with the semi-nomadic people of the Darhad Valley, northern Mongolia.
  • The gers are 5-walled gers, hand-painted with traditional Mongolian colors, and ~21 feet in diameter.

How to Build a Geodesic Dome out of Cardboard

This site was designed in response to people asking them how they made their domes and who were interested in making their own.

The design was borrowed from a 1973 edition of Popular Science and was improved upon to meet the rigors of the Black Rock Desert.

These domes have served as an effective shelter against wind, extreme heat and, once painted, rainfall.


ECO-WISE (e-ko-wyz) noun:

1. ecological wisdom ie: using solar power
2. an environmentally friendly green building store
3. a non-toxic interior, alternative energy information center
4. supplier of high quality hemp fashions, footwear and more
5. provider of organic cotton bedding and home fashions
6. a great eco gift shop!

Since we opened in Austin, Texas in 1990, Eco-Wise has been a leader in non-toxic environmental choices for a healthier lifestyle. This site has been established as a resource for information and products to make your body healthier and your world a greener place to live.

Arm of the Spiral

This web site was created to promote the fusion of sustainable and natural building methods and to encourage the would-be owner/builder to take up his or her courage and Do It!

The Yurt Workshop
A small family business making fine yurts and other nomadic tents. Based in the magical Las Alpujarras in Andalucia, Spain they export yurts to the UK and all over Europe. Rob makes all the frames in the workshop and uses quality wood from local sources. Ratna and Rob hand-make the covers individually for each yurt ensuring a snug fitting cover. is your one stop resource for information on: straw bale, straw bale houses, and straw bale construction and design. Cutting edge advancements in straw bale.

Chelsea Green Publishing
A small book publisher in Vermont, with a focus of books on sustainability topics from organic agriculture to energy concerns to self-reliance to alternative/natural building.

Counter Culture Specialist Book Distributors

Aeon, The Goddess, Angels, Green, Arthur & Avalon, Green Magic, Sacred Landscape, Astrology & Divination, The Green Man, Shamanism, Body Art, Hay House, Healing, Spirituality & Empowerment, Crystals, Herbs, Steinbeck, Druid & Celtic, Jonsteen Tree Kits, Tarot Decks, Fairies, Kate West, Trees, Folklore, Lost Cities, Wessex Books, Food And Drink, Lost Lands & Other Mysteries, Wooden Books, Glennie Kindred, Magic & Wicca
A Work of Love, Art, Words, and Good Company for the Seeker's Journey.

Read an excellent interview with yurt master Bill Coperthwaite.

Eco-Wise has been a leader in non-toxic environmental choices for a healthier lifestyle since 1990. Products to make your body healthier and your world a greener place to live.

  • non-toxic flooring
  • cotton insulation
  • recycled glass ceramic and glass tile
  • non-toxic paints, primers, stains, sealers, and adhesives

Tuff Shed Garage Builders
Tuff Shed provides a range of full service garage builders who can install a readymade garage or install a custom garages for you.