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Louie Frazier
The Inspiration for Home Work
The Yurts of Bill Coperthwaite
Natural Buildings
Photography by
Catherine Wanek

Bill & Athena Steen
Cob Houses of Mud & Straw

Michael Kahn
Sculptural Village in the Arizona Desert

Mongolian Cloud Houses
How to make a Yurt & Live Comfortably


Click on photo for a larger image.Builders 1

Louie Frazier 2
Ian MacLeod 10
Bill Castle 16
Rennie & Andrea Raddocia 22
John Welles 24
John Silverio 26
Paul Nonnast 27
Bill Coperthwaite 28

Click on photo for a larger image.Homes 31

Jack Williams 32
Kate Todd 34
Susan Lewis 36
John Fox 37
On the Beach 38
Funky 40
Archilibre 44
House on the Rocks 52
Home Power Magazine 54
Cabaña en España 56
Cabin in Tennessee 57
JoAnne’s House 58
The House that Renée Built 59
Color in the Carribean 60
San Francisco Bay Area Color 62
California Kitchens 64
Small building Designs 66
Tiny Houses 70
Bobo 72

Click on photo for a larger image.Natural Materials 73

Bill & Athena Steen 74
Catherine Wanek 82
Mud Dancing 84
Family Homestead 80
Kelly & Rosana Hart 88
Bamboo – Oscar Hidalgo90
Rand & Cookie Loftness 94

Click on photo for a larger image.Photographers 97

Yoshio Komatsu 98
Kevin Kelly106
Hans Joachim Kürtz112
Robert Barab118
Clay Perry119
Dr. Mehmet Hengirmen120

Click on photo for a larger image.Fantasy121

Michael Kahn122
Ma Page130
Flying Concrete134
Tropical Treehouses141

Click on photo for a larger image.Trips121

On the River144
Nova Scotia146
Utah, Arizona152
Costa Rica158
Deep in the Heart of Baja162
Cowboy Poetry Festival 172

Click on photo for a larger image.On the Road173

Donkey Train Across America 174
On the Road – Misc.176

Click on photo for a larger image.Living Lightly185

Perpetual Camping186
Mongolian Cloud Houses188
Less is More190
Native American Shelter194
Native American Builders196

Click on photo for a larger image.Barns199

Barns of Washington200
California Farm Buildings202
Round Barns204
Cowboy Cathedral205
Keeping the Trade Alive208
Gambrel Barn212

Click on photo for a larger image.Old Buildings213

Stone Structures of Northern Italy214
Nepal-Everest 2002216
Discovering Timber Framed Buildings218
Hungarian Open-Air Museum219
Open Timber Roofs220
William Cooper, Ltd.232
Buildings of the Old West234

Click on photo for a larger image.Moreover . . .226



About the Author232
And Finally...246