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Shelter Publications’ World Headquarters

We have been publishing high-quality soft cover books for almost 40 years. We operate out of a studio set in a garden in the small Northern California coastal town of Bolinas. We create each book from scratch, often starting with only an author's idea, and do all aspects of book production in-house – editing, design, typesetting, scanning, graphics enhancement, and color corrections. We seem to spend an impossible amount of time with each one, managing only one or at most two books a year.This wasn't a planned strategy, but it seems to have worked: our books have a very long shelf life.

We publish books we believe in. They grow naturally out of our interests, and we do all we can to get the final product out to people in as fine a form as we can, at as low a price as possible. we have never done a cost analysis of a book to determine whether it's publishable or not. We just know that when we're excited about something, we want to tell everyone else about it, and we turn it into a book. Our books are then distributed in bookstores by Publishers Group West (800 788-3123).

Here’s a drawing of our production studio and surroundings, by David Wills.