Mrs. Restino’s Country Kitchen

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“I really like the impulse of this book — grow your own and make your own.”

Alice Waters

Chez Panisse Cookbook

“An engaging peek into rural life, full of cozy and delicious memories. You’ll learn to preserve the richness of seasonal bounty through the many recipes and techniques of Suzy Restino.”

Margaret Fox

Café Beaujolais

By Suzy Restino

320 pages 7” x 10” Trade paperback
$22.95 1996 ISBN: 978 0-936070-18-6
* Hors d'Oeuvres
* Vegetables in Season
* Soups
* Grains
* Nuts & Seeds
* Fish & Shellfish
* Poultry
* Meats
* Sauce & Marinade
* Herbs
* Breadmaking
* Quickbreads
* Desserts
* Home Brewing
* Food Storage Methods
* The Wood Stove

Suzy Restino and her family have lived the dream shared by many. In the 1960s, they left city life behind and moved to Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, where they began cooking with fresh vegetables from their garden, home grown eggs and local fish from the neighboring sea.

Suzy believes that, "Whether you live on a rural farm or in the heart of the city, cooking your own food is the only way to control what you eat. It's not always easy, but it's almost always rewarding." Mrs. Restino's Country Kitchen teaches people how to create a "country kitchen" wherever they live and enjoy delicious home cooking without a lot of fuss.

In a neighborly, down-to-earth voice, Mrs. Restino shares her favorite recipes, from hearty soups and vegetable dishes highlighting the best of each season's crop to old-fashioned meat and chicken dinners and healthy bean, tofu, and fish entrées. Here also are tips on food storage - drying, canning, and freezing- and on making your own cheese and yogurt, brewing your own beer, and putting up preserves. Between delicious recipes, you'll find information on raising meat birds, selecting the freshest fish, and shaping loaves of bread.

“Clearly a labor of love, Mrs. Restino’s Country Kitchen will be a good friend and companion for any cook who out of love wishes to labor — not only is it an eminently practical guide to the world of food, but an encouragement to finding your own way.”

Edward Espe Brown

The Tassajara Bread Book

Mrs. Restino knows what it's like to cook dinner for friends who arrive unannounced when the cupboard is bare, and she can talk about nutrition without sounding overly complicated. Her anecdotal tone and over 175 illustrations make the book even more personal and easy-to-use. Mrs. Restino welcomes you to her island, her garden, and her kitchen, where you'll delight in every dish and the atmosphere it invokes.