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Lloyd Kahn Video Page

Lloyd Kahn Interviewed by Fair Companies

Lloyd Kahn Interview

In this really sweet segment we visit with Lloyd Kahn, Prolific Publisher and Blogger. Since 1973 I have referred to Lloyds Shelter Series as the bible for alternative building.

Tiny Homes Book Trailer
by Jason Sussberg

A book trailer for Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter / Scaling Back in the 21st Century by author Lloyd Kahn. Video produced by Jason Sussberg.

76-Year-Old Skateboarder Rolls Through Life
by Mike Shuman

Hold Fast: Lloyd Kahn
By Emma Z. on 12/20/2011
For Sailor Jerry Rum

Lloyd Kahn is truly a jack-of-all trades. With a passion for publishing and talent for explanation he pursues pretty much whatever catches his attention. He made his name building geodesic domes in the 60's then moving on to roles as editor for Whole Earth Catalog and author of many books on domes, as well as, eco-sensitive building practices. With the publication of his book Shelter Kahn is widely recognized as one leaders of the green building movement. His interests aren't limited to building though, he can be seen regularly long boarding, surfing and running near his home in Northern California. Whether it's skateboarding, architecture or Green design, Kahn lets his passion guide his work and the results speak for themselves.

A Tour of Lloyd Kahn's Homestead

I ran across Kirsten Dirksen and Nicolás Boullosa (from Barcelona) via Jenine Alexander, one of the builders in our new book. They had done a great video of Jenine talking about the 2 tiny houses she'd built in Healdsburg, California. We ended up using some of the stills from the video on the 4 pages we did on Jenine.

So when Kirsten and Nicolás came to California a few months ago, they came to visit. They've made almost 500 videos, many of them on tiny homes, and Kirsten is a journalist after my own heart. Within 2 minutes of arriving, she was asking questions, filming, and getting the essence of our work and lives. Immediate rapport. Here, several months later, is her take on our work, the homestead, the background of West Coast publishing à la the '60s and '70s, the Whole Earth Catalog, Stewart Brand and the influence that the WEC and Stewart had on Steve Jobs when he was in high school. Yes, it's all tied together in a wonderful way. Original story here:

Living Our Dreams in Dream Homes
CBS Sunday Morning show, May 23, 2010

Shelter - A Video about Author Lloyd Kahn

Jason Sussberg, a documentary film graduate student at Stanford, contacted me after seeing my Builders of the Pacific Coast slide show at Bookshop Santa Cruz in April, 2010. Jason emailed he wanted to do a piece on "idea of "home.I am curious about how the new American landscape is going to be shaped after the financial crisis; how people are going to view homes as a place to live, not as an investment to live off of. I am especially interested in your latest project that you eluded to last night about small homes being something you create, without necessarily needing banks. My film is going to be a poetic and philosophical project, not necessarily journalistic."

Jason and friends, as an exercise in shooting real film (as opposed to digital), ended up with a 6-minute movie on me and Lesley and our home, and by golly, they got it right. Which hasn't always happened in my encounters with the media. They even got me skateboarding.

-Lloyd Kahn

Lloyd Kahn on Why He Skateboards at 70
Septuagenarian skateboarder Lloyd Kahn shows off his moves and discusses why he's still skateboarding at 70.

Lloyd Kahn Skateboarding

Louie's Cable Ride

To get to my friend Louie Frasier's house across the river, you climb 30 feet up to a platform, attach a bosun's chair to the cable, and ride 500 feet across the river to a landing platform on the other side. To come back, you climb up to another platform on the other side, and ride back on another cable. The first time I did this, I locked the chair onto the cable, looked down at the river, and said to Louie, "No way!" "Go ahead," he said, and I let go.

As soon as I started rolling, I was thrilled. An awesome device, and now I've done it dozens of times. It works perfectly, and you come into an upsloping landing platform at the end of the ride. Even more of a thrill is going across the river on a dark, foggy night with a headlamp. Louie, you da man!

Phoebe Babo Rocks Rest Home

Phoebe Babo, age 91, plays ragtime piano at my Mom's rest home once a month. Here's my brother Bob on banjo and me on box bass sitting in with her last Spring. We drew a crowd, mostly 90-year-olds. The caregivers were dancing. -Lloyd Kahn

Bye Bye Blues

Lloyd Kahn Interviewed by Kevin Kelly