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By Arthur Okamura

These are some of my favorite tricks, some learned as a kid, and others, through the years, from many people in many places and countries.

Most of the tricks require the simplest of materials and things that are commonly at hand. Unlike “magic tricks,” they do not require deception. Nor is there any need to keep them secret. They can be shown and shared with others, and passed on, as they were to me.

Everywhere you do these — around a table with friends, at parties, in a restaurant — they will create surprise, response, and participation from anyone watching. People are intrigued and often amazed at the results.

One thing: some of the tricks are harder to master than others. Some you might have to work at (especially those requiring manual dexterity); others you’ll be able to do right off the bat.

I find them to be especially wonderful when travelling. They seem to amuse and delight everyone, eliminating any language, age, or cultural differences. (That’s why we made the book so it will fit in your pocket.)

Have fun!


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