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The Paper Propeller, The Spinning Quarter, The Jumping Frog
+38 Other Amazing Tricks You Can Do with Stuff Lying Around the House

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By Arthur Okamura
64 pages 5" x 8" Trade paperback
$7.95 2000 ISBN 0-936070-23-4

here was a time when kids (and even grown-ups) were able to spend hours using simple items, found in any household, making objects that were silly and fun. Things that didn’t need batteries and were not based on TV characters; they were just things you did together on a kitchen table, or a back porch. But the best part of them was that there was a bit of mystery in them, and they weillustration for the Spinning Quarter trickre wonderful!

Here is a delightful handmade book created by a renowned teacher and artist, drawing on his memories of growing up with an inventive and curious mind that seized on tricks and how they worked. There are over 40 engaging, amusing, and altogether wonderful things anyone can do — and smile while doing them. If one makes the Paper Net, or the Jumping Frog, or Toothpick Star, or a One-Cut Star, it is possible to miss favorite television shows or skip a few boring household chores. The charm of the drawings only adds to the enjoyment.

I haven't stopped smiling all day.”
–Malcolm Margolin, Heyday Books
These unique stumpers and sticklers hover between physics, insight, beauty, and mystic delight.”
-Peter Warshall, Whole Earth
I love Paper Propeller and want to make it required in my art classes at UG (University of Georgia).”
-Sono Osato, Art Teacher

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