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We started our publishing career with books on building. In 1970, we published Domebook One, then in 1971, Domebook 2. Disillusioned with domes by 1973, we published Shelter, a book with over 1000 photos of homemade buildings all over the world and it became an underground bestseller. We then published Shelter II in 1978. We also reprinted two books written by masters of indigenous human shelter:

In 1979 we started publishing books on fitness. We found that our highly graphic approach to do-it-yourself fitness books clicked with the public, and much of our work since then has been in the health and fitness field. In the next few years (2001-2002), we’ll be more or less completing our fitness series.

In January, 2000, we published The Septic System Owner’s Manual (there are 28 million homes in the U. S. using septic systems, and no other good comprehensive book for the homeowner.) The book is illustrated by Peter Aschwanden, who did the drawings for John Muir’s classic, How To Keep Your Volkswagen Alive. This book was revised and updated with the latest information in 2007.

In 2004, we finished work on the first of a series of photo-books on building, builders, and barns— the Home Work series. We already have a ton of material; for one thing a lot of people went off 25 years ago and did things that worked, but no one knows about it. Incredible things have happened with adobe, rammed earth, bamboo and straw bales in the last decade. We have been hearing from people in various parts of the world — stories, photos, instructions. So we are excited about putting this all together and being able to show you the wonderful, innovative, homemade, tuned-in buildings we’ve discovered in recent years.

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