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The Septic System Owner’s Manual
Revised Edition

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by Lloyd Kahn
illustrated by Peter Aschwanden

192 pages 8" x 10" Trade paperback
$19.95 2007
(ISBN-13) 978-0-936070-40-7

“David Hayward came home one summer day to find brown, swampy puddles in his front yard.

As he puzzled over the brown ooze, his neighbor strolled over and identified the problem: ‘Looks like your septic system went.’

Until that day, David didn't know septic systems died – he thought of his system as a simple underground tank that just made wastewater disappear.

His local septic contractor pumped the system out – twice. The diagnosis: clogged leach field. The recommendation: replace the entire leach field to the tune of $12,000.”

Mother Earth News
October/November 2002

What you don't know can hurt you… Your septic system is designed to receive regular maintenance – ignore it, and it could end up costing you a significant amount of money. You received an owner's manual with your $20,000 new car – here is the manual for your $30,000 septic system.

* * * * *

We wrote the book on septic systems –
we’ve revised and updated it for 2008…

What this book is:
A straightforward, easy-to-understand,
non-scholarly book on small-scale
residential wastewater disposal

What’s going on underground:
Tanks • Drainfields • Soil • Microorganisms
Gravity power • Tank pumping
Inspections • System failure

What you can do:
To promote and maintain a healthy system
• To upgrade or make repairs when needed

New advanced systems:
Dosed-flow drainfields • Trickling biofilters
Recirculating sand filters • Effluent filters
Shallow drainfields • Drip irrigation
New solutions for failed drainfields

The new overpriced septic systems:
Excessive engineering • Overzealous regulation
Now happening all over the country
Read it and weep!

Small-town activism:
How homeowners in small towns can
control their own wastewater destiny

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“ The new edition remains the single best book about septic systems.”
–Mother Earth News

“Nobody plans for the expense of having a septic tank pumped out repeatedly, only to find that the septic field is clogged and must be replaced at astronomical cost. But the low price (of this book) makes the book a wise investment…”
–Dave DeWitte
Cedar Rapids Gazette

…a long-overdue book…the homeowner's answer to problems: a concise, readable book to call on for review or to press into use in an emergency.”
–Backhome Magazine

“Any homeowner with a septic tank should get a copy.”
–Al and Kelly Carrell
The Tennessean

“Unfortunately, ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is a common theme among many homeowners with septic systems.

Systems are tucked away underground, not to be thought about, until the system malfunctions or breaks down. This mindset is a major reason septic systems fail.

Lack of information is a common reason homeowners don't maintain their systems.”

-Small Flows Quarterly

Septic System
Owner's Manual
The Septic system Owner's manual