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Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties

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Table of Contents
from the book Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties

I. Where to Find Mountain Goose. How to Pick and Use Its Feathers

II. The Half-Cave Shelter

III. How to Make the Fallen-Tree Shelter, and the Scout-Master

IV. How to Make the Adirondack, the Wickup, the Bark Teepee, the Pioneer, and the Scout

V. How to Make Beaver-Mat Huts, or Fagot Shacks, Without Injury to the Trees

VI. Indian Shacks and Shelters

VII. Birch Bark or Tar Paper Shack

VIII. Indian Communal Houses

IX. Bark and Tar Paper

X. A Sawed-Lumber Shanty

XI. A Sod House For the Lawn

XII. How to Build Elevated Shacks, Shanties, and Shelters

XIII. The Bog Ken

XIV. Over-Water Camps

XV. Signal-Tower, Game Lookout, and Rustic Observatory

XVI. Tree-Top Houses

XVII. Caches

XVIII. How to Use an Axe

XIX. How to Split Logs, Make Shakes, Splits, Or Clapboards. How to Chop a Log in Half. How to Flatten a Log. Also Some Don’ts

XX. Axemen’s Camps

XXI. Railroad-Tie Shacks, Barrel Shacks, and Chimehuevis

XXII. The Barabara

XXIII. The Navajo Hogan, Hornaday Dug-Out, and Sod House

XXIV. How to Build an American Boy’s Hogan

XXV. How to Cut and Notch Logs

XXVI. Notched Log Ladders

XXVII. A Pole House. How to Use a Cross-Cut Saw and a Froe

XXVIII. Log-Rolling and Other Building Stunts

XXIX. The Adirondack Open Log Camp and a One-Room Cabin

XXX. The Northland Tilt and Indian Log Tent

XXXI. How to Build the Red Jacket, the New Brunswick, and the Christopher Gist

XXXII. Cabin Doors and Door-Latches, Thumb-Latches and Foot Latches and How to Make Them

XXXIII. Secret Locks

XXXIV. How to Make the Bow-Arrow Cabin Door and Latch and the Deming Twin Bolts, Hall and Billy . . .

XXXV. The Aures Lock Latch

XXXVI. The American Log Cabin

XXXVII. A Hunter’s or Fisherman’s Cabin

XXXVIII. How to Make A Wyoming Olebo, a Hoko River Olebo, a Shake Cabin, a Canadian Mossback, and a Two-Pen or Southern Saddle-Bag House

XXXIX. Native, Names For the Parts of a Kanuck Log Cabin, and How to Build One

XL. How to Make a Pole House and How to Make a Unique but Thoroughly American Totem Log House,

XLI. How to Build a Susitna Log Cabin and How to Cut Trees For the End Plates

XLIL How to Make a Fireplace and Chimney For a Simple Log Cabin

XlIII. Hearthstones and Fireplaces

XLIV. More Hearths and Fireplaces

XlV. Fireplaces and the Art of Tending the Fire

XlVI. The Building of the Log House . . .

XlVII. How to Lay a Tar Paper, Birch Bark, or Patent Roofing

XlVIII. How to Make a Concealed Log Cabin Inside of a Modern House

XlIX. How to Build Appropriate Gateways For Grounds Enclosing Log Houses, Game Preserves, Ranches, Big Country Estates, and Last but Not Least Boy Scouts’ Camp Grounds

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