Tiny Homes on the Move

Old-style pickup truck camper

Foster Huntington quit his design job with Ralph Lauren in New York in August 2011 and moved into a camper. Since then, he has put in 80,000 miles driving around the west — writing a book, camping and surfing.
Capuchine Trochet, a 30-year-old French woman, left Marseille in her small sailboat in November 2011, and, with no engine or GPS, sailed 1,500 miles to the Canary Islands.
Jim Bob and Candice Salazar quit making high mortgage payments, sold their home in Texas, and now live, with their two children, in a family-remodeled school bus.
Muriel Chvatal left behind "…the noise of the city and rediscovered the music of the land — and the water…" when she moved to a houseboat on an English canal near Stonehenge.

What do all these people have in common?

They have chosen to build and inhabit homes that are tiny and mobile. They don't pay rent to a landlord, nor do they have lifetime mortgage obligations to a bank.

There are two main categories, with these sub-categories:


  • 7 vans
  • 11 pickup trucks with camper shells
  • 7 house trucks
  • 8 house buses
  • 26 trailers


  • 16 sailboats
  • 7 houseboats
  • 1 tugboat

There are some 90 tiny homes here, either rolling on the road or floating on the water. About half of these homes are lived in full time; the other half are used part time, or for trips of varying lengths upon life's highways and waterways.

A few examples:

  • An English artist who has built a tiny home on the back of a 1959 French army truck A 72-year-old Swedish sailor who is building a 10-foot sailboat and plans to circumnavigate the globe. He's already sailed around the world solo.
  • Further adventures of Swedish welder Henrik Linstrom (his boat is in Tiny Homes), sailing with his girlfriend from Baja California to the South Seas and then to New Zealand
  • A French circus wagon home on the road
  • Two ski bums (a couple) and their winter camper/home
  • The Moron Brothers, two good-ole-boy Kentucky bluegrass musicians who drift along the Kentucky River in a shanty boat, fishing, eating, telling jokes, and playing some really good bluegrass
  • Sisters on the Fly, a group of over 1,000 women who have vintage trailers and go fly fishing and horseback riding and sit around campfires in campouts, just us girls
  • Bruce Baillie's 23,000-mile trip from British Columbia to South America and back on a 1969 Moto Guzzi motorcycle
  • A beautifully crafted shanty boat moored on a wooded waterfront in the UK
  • Drew and Deb McVittie's 35-year-old, 58'-long tugboat home in British Columbia
  • The Vaka Moana sailing canoes from the South Pacific. Three of these 66' catamarans sailed into our bay here in 2011, and our local fishermen visited them, and learned of their mission with the Pacific Ocean. They're navigating by the stars.
  • A highspeed asymmetrical catamaran, a "Proa," that recently crossed the Pacific, from San Francisco to the Marquesas Islands

This is our latest book on owner-created homes, which started with Shelter in 1973, followed by Home Work, then Builders of the Pacific Coast, then Tiny Homes – all grahic-intensive books depicting innovative design, handmade building, and independent living. This book is a continuation of Tiny Homes, here with 21st century nomadic living. There are some 1100 photos, along with accompanying stories and descriptions of the different homes. Come along with us in this tour of simple living and free spirits – rolling, floating, riding, rambling, wandering, exploring – moving.