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Tiny Homes
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Builders of the Pacific Coast

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Home Work:
Handbuilt Shelter


Shelter II
Shelter II

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Barefoot Architect

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The Septic System Owner's Manual

Mongolian Cloud Houses
Mongolian Cloud Houses

Shelter II
Shelter II

Tiny Homes
Links: Blogs, Websites, and Articles about Tiny Homes

Blogs & Websites about Tiny Homes

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Cabin Fever

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Michael Janzen's Small Living Journal

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Small House Catalog: Bungalow, Cottage, and small House Plans

Small House Style

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Tennessee Tiny Homes

Texas Tiny Houses

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YURTA (Canada)

Zero Yen House

Articles about Tiny Homes

Eco-Friendly Painting Resource Guide

Year of Mud: You Can Build This Cob House for $3000 Natural Building

YouTube: Small House Innovation for Today

The Attracting the Thrifty and the Green Floating Ecohomes

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Rowdy Kittens: Why we're Building a Tiny House Move Over McMansions Shrinking Down the House,9171,1226156,00.html Tiny Homes, Big Ideas

Mother Nature Network: Shed-ing Light

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Coming Unmoored: Life in a Tiny Floating Home Baumraum Treehouses The Big Things that Make Small Spaces Livable - 500 sq. ft. or less

Auburn University School of Architecture: Rural Studio Building an Igloo Jeffrey Broadhurst's Shack at Hinkle Farm in a Box: Building a House in a Day DIY Home for Less Than $3,500 Convertible Spaces Storybook House

Design Review: Shapes for Shelters in the Mountains Cottage in a Day by Michael Fitzhugh Architect

Cottage in a Day: Models Eye Pod

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MotherPie: Tiny Houses Schwimmhausboot: A Green Modern Floating Home

Green Building Elements: Live Simply and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The Reclaimer: Reharvesting Urban Timber

Tiny House Design: Live Light, Live Small, Be Free

Tiny House Blog: Small House Living Putter Sheds The VW Bus