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Tiny Homes
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Lloyd Kahn
Shelter Publications

Builders of the Pacific Coast cover
Builders of the Pacific Coast

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Home Work:
Handbuilt Shelter


Shelter II
Shelter II

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Barefoot Architect

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The Septic System Owner's Manual

Mongolian Cloud Houses
Mongolian Cloud Houses

Shelter II
Shelter II

Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter

Print and Online Reviews

Mother Earth News
"…chock-full of examples of small houses anyone can afford to own."

Wall Street Journal
" …a genuine hit…" –Jeffrey A. Trachenberg

New York Times
"…a glorious portfolio…" –Penelope Green

Chicago Tribune
"…you might find yourself relishing the lifestyles in TINY HOMES…" –Mary Umberger

Fine Homebuilding
"…TINY HOMES…has been blowing the doors off the publishing world." –Mike Litchfield
"…points to the importance of not having debt." –Avi Solomon
"…may help many feel that the dream of owning a reasonable, livable space is within reach."
"Defiantly homemade"
"…a compendium of downsized dwellings occupied by people living with less…" –Robyn Smith
"…gets my highest rating for bringing the ingenuity and beauty of small homes to life. Bravo!" –Shawn Marie Mann
"…you must get this book! It is beautiful, inspiring, and is full of valuable resources."
"…utterly charming…"
"I have a new favorite tiny house book…TINY HOMES" –Kent Griswold
"…documents wildly creative, sustainable living spaces." –Leilani Clark
"…conveys bountiful wisdom in a cheerily presented manner …" –Robin Teirney
"…Incredibly inspiring stuff for anyone with any interest in wood or building." –Rob Campbell
"…Kahn encourages us to think twice about big houses and look for alternatives that are more sustainable economically and environmentally."

Related Videos
A book trailer for "Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter. Video produced by Jason Sussberg visited the home offices of Shelter Publications before the book went to print where Kahn was busy creating the layout in the old-fashioned way: not on the computer, but using photos and tape.
In this really sweet segment Heritage Salvage visits with Lloyd Kahn, Prolific Publisher and Blogger. Since 1973 they have referred to Lloyd's Shelter Series as the bible for alternative building.
Mike Shumann (Emmy award winning sports anchor for San Francisco ABC7 Weekend News) interviews Lloyd about skateboarding and surfing.
Sailor Jerry Rum interviews Lloyd about his passions: green architecture, long boarding, surfing and running near his home in Northern California.
CBS's Sunday Morning host John Blackstone interview about Lloyd's handmade house.
Jason Sussberg six-minute documentary about Lloyd, his home, and Shelter Publications.
Interview with Lloyd discussing skateboarding after the age of 70.
Lloyd's self-made GoPro video of his ride in a bosun's chair that travels 500 feet on a cable over the Garcia River.