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Wonderful Houses Around the World

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Wonderful Houses Around the World
pages 2-5

A White House in the Grasslands

pages 2-3
The grasslands continue as far as the eye can see. White specks dot the landscape here and there. As you get closer, you can see that these specks are actually houses. These are yurts (or gers), the portable, folding homes of people who live as herders of sheep and horses. Yurts are set up in places where water is easy to get, and where there is grass for the horses and sheep to eat.

When I visited this home on the steppe plateau of Tov Aimag, I was greeted with a big bowlful of koumiss, a fermented drink made from mare’s milk. (A mare is a female horse.) When I finished one bowl, they poured me another. I ended up having four big bowls, or about half a gallon. The air is very dry here in Mongolia, and the koumiss made me feel very good.

pages 4-5
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