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Wonderful Houses Around the World

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Wonderful Houses Around the World

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By Yoshio Komatsu
Illustrated by Akira Nishiyama

48 pages 7.5" x 10" Trade paperback
$9.95 2004 ISBN 978-0-936070-34-6
48 pages 7.5" x 10" Trade flex-cover
$14.95 2004 ISBN 978-0-936070-35-3

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Fascinating and unique, Wonderful Houses Around the World gives children a welcome entrée into other places and other lives throughout the world.

Glorious two-page photographic spreads capture families outside their homes, be they simple or imposing. Detailed cutaway illustrations reveal the inside of each house, showing the various family members engaged in typical daily activities. Captions explain where each house is located, the environmental conditions that affect the house design, how the family lives in the home, and their possessions — all providing interesting glimpses of life in other cultures.

The ten houses profiled include a red mud dwelling with thatched towers in Togo, a yurt in Mongolia, a steep-roofed, shake-covered house in Transylvania, and a large donut-shaped communal building for 300 in China. This book increases children's wonder about and cultural awareness of the many different people and ways of life around the world.

Clear, color photo spreads and explanatory paragraphs introduce 10 "wonderful houses" from a variety of cultural backgrounds. A circular tulou in China, a felt yurt in Mongolia, an underground home in Tunisia, and an earthen "castle" in Togo are among the featured domiciles. Each picture has a full-spread color diagram of a structural cutaway with captions that describe architectural details and/or furnishings and indicate the makeup of the family/families in residence. The author's personal comments enliven the terse text, and his three-sentence introduction mentions his enthusiasm for "interesting" domestic design.
-Patricia Manning
School Library Journal

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